Pearl Jewellery Collection

The gems of the sea and pearls have had special significance for millennia. Kings and queens throughout history have adorned themselves with pearls, believing they were gifts from God.

While pearls were once reserved for nobility and worn as a status symbol, now they can be enjoyed by all through PALACE’s jewellery range. Both classic and modern aesthetics are combined in our pearl pieces for an elegant and pure finish.

The King of Pearls

Tahitian pearls and Japan's AKOYA pearls are world-renowned, but many people outside the jewellery sector do not know that the top pearls in fact originate from Australia. Australia's pearls are unparalleled in colour and size, which lends them the nickname "king of pearls." The South Sea bead grows in a huge pearl shellfish, and its production is challenging and expensive. PALACE works with suppliers to source the most prized pearls for its pieces.

Australian South Sea Pearls

Usually, the diameter of pearls in China and Japan is less than 8mm and the beads are thin. However, Australia's South Sea bead diameter ranges between 8-20mm and the thickness of the beads is up to 10 times that of its Chinese and Japanese counterparts. They are rare and unparalleled in quality around the world.