About Palace Jewellery

Inspired by the elegance and decadence of royalty, the PALACE brand radiates sophistication and style. For more than 50 years, PALACE Jewellery has had the honour of capturing love stories and sentiment through bespoke jewellery pieces. Drawing inspiration from natural beauty and the sensual colours of precious stones, PALACE combines old-world luxury with new-world design technologies to create unique works of art.
Because no two stories are the same, each piece is made to order – a conscious decision that allows us the opportunity to connect with clients on a deeply personal level. Our clients, and the part that we have to play in their story, are at the heart of everything we do.

Inspiration & Design

The creative process of PALACE Jewellery design incorporates style and storytelling. Each piece begins with the natural shape and beauty of its raw materials before our craftsmen employ architectural concepts to forge a final product that is made to last. Our inspiration begins in Ancient Rome and weaves through history, mythology, music, royalty, art and emotion.
PALACE is deeply committed to quality. Our team’s professional knowledge enables us to deliver pieces that are long-lasting and allow the PALACE gemstone’s natural radiance to shine through. Our process of designing, cutting, screening, fixing and polishing is completed with the greatest care to ensure that each piece of PALACE Jewellery is completed to an exceptional standard.

Superb Craftsmanship

PALACE is the permutation of elegance and effortlessness.

Our distinctive style allows us to bring a unique and creative approach to designing pieces. Craftsmanship and originality are at the forefront of our design ethos, with all pieces handcrafted to stand the test of time. We believe jewellery should be laced with thought and sentiment; qualities which will continue through the generations, with the passing on of precious heirlooms.

Our designs combine minimal styling with traditional detailing and embellishments – a unification of our jewellers’ own design visions – which results in an aesthetic that speaks its own distinctive language.

PALACE was born out of a passion for the craft, and at the core of what we do is a dedication to traditional, superior craftsmanship; a focus on high-quality materials; and a commitment to our own unique style.

Micro Inlay Technology

PALACE Jewellery achieves a delicate and smooth diamond micro-set through the use of advanced micro inlay technology. Through delicate and precise handling, this modern method creates unique beauty on the surface of all PALACE Jewellery designs.

Claw Mounted Technology

Claw-mounted technology ensures each design is secure in its gold or platinum structure. PALACE’s use of claw-mounted technology allows the claws to bend gracefully around the gemstones to enhance the visibility of each beautiful stone.

Semi Package Technology

PALACE Jewellery’s unique and innovative half mosaic method is a clever fusion of sophistication and elegance. With the independent claw vaguely visible, coupled with beautiful lines to create the package inlaid metal, our designs ensure PALACE gemstone’s lustre exudes personality and grace.