PALACE after more than half a century of baptism, with its elegant and luxurious jewelry art, and the magnificent natural refined gem is known to the world from the birth of the British royal culture under the PALACE, in the jewelry design from the natural inspiration And the perception of life, and will give the sensual color and modern style of classical aesthetics into the design innovation and technological breakthroughs, so that PALACE inherited the elegant, refined, eternal royal heart, created enough to transcend the time and trend of the unique style. Jewelry is a unique tradition and the ultimate embodiment of the delicate.To give every piece of jewelry vitality vitality, PALACE pursuit of harsh craft, to create the ultimate sophistication. After hundreds of hours of carefully crafted, the perfect release of the bright bride and full of three-dimensional Sexy style, those elegant and eye-catching shape lines and enviable beautiful colors, all without condensing the PALACE endless focus, patience and the pursuit of innovative technology, interpretation of the PALACE jewelry taste and style. PALACE works can be seen everywhere Carved rare stones and pearls, whether it is shining the legendary emerald, passionate ruby, mysterious deep sapphire, or graceful pearl, have become the eternal theme to Zhen to the beauty, interpretation of the PALACE aristocratic soul, perfect Reproduction of the royal family fashion.

The origin of the PALACE brand name

PALACE is derived from the Latin PALATIUM, literally: above the Balden Hill, at the time of Rome was interpreted as a palace. Balden Hill was the main part of the ancient city of Rome, and later became dignitaries, high And to the Roman tyrant Nero during the reign of his order to flatten the houses of the Baalden hills and to build their own luxury home named PALATIUM. The word became English and gradually evolved into today's PALACE, become the world's jewelry brand PALACE JEWELLERY the origin of the origin.

PALACE jewellery culture

PALACE JEWELLERY Chairman - Mr. Henry Nisam said: those seemingly casual and hidden ingenuity of the streamer bright, filled with a person on fashion, life, the attitude of the pursuit of life and these are beautiful, know how to grasp the beautiful Of the people, so that we are happy, positive, happy and cherished in this full of love and beautiful PALACE world, choose a gesture, so that their own live irreplaceable.

Advanced jewellery customisation services

Each PALACE jewellery is the symbol of the most important moment in life, carrying the extraordinary meaning of handed down, PALACE in love and eternity, accept a lot of advanced customisation and special customisation services, to create countless unique high-level jewellery For every distinguished customer will be precious moments into the eternal love.