Our Precious Gemstone Jewellery Collections

Since ancient times, crystal gorgeous gem has always been the love of people, but the natural ruby, sapphire and emerald expensive price is also staggering, while the PALACE so that you can no longer be limited to expensive natural gemstones. And Zambia gems with colourful colours swept the world, PALACE superb processing technology can be comparable with the world will recognise the unique properties of PALACE natural refined gems from the British Queen's Scepter, the Russian tsar's crown, and then To the Ming Dynasty calendar of the emperor of the jade belt, the ancient Egyptian mosques, all are studded with priceless gems, symbol of the supreme authority and sacred status. Passionate ruby ​​is seen as love, warm and noble character The mysterious and deep sapphire symbolises loyalty, faithfulness, love and honesty, and the magnificent emerald symbolises luck and happiness, and it is also the commemorative gem of the 55th anniversary of marriage.



Natural Refined Gemstones

PALACE natural gem only use uniform coloUr, the content of very few high-quality top natural gem, while the fineness and clarity called the perfect PALACE natural refined gem, the pursuit of the perfect customer to provide another choice. PALACE according to customer requirements Selection of natural gemstones or natural refined gemstones, in order to achieve the design, price, quality and unity of the concept of high-level jewelLEry and continuous improvement.

The Fineness and Clarity of The Gem

The fineness of the gemstones emphasises its hue and saturation, so the colour of the deep and gorgeous gem more expensive, and the gem of the degree of clarity is largely dependent on the type of gems, so the gem of the fineness and clarity of the importance of all depends on Personal preferences. In addition to the special requirements of customers, PALACE natural refined gems are Mingyan colour and greater than "VS2" clarity.

Gemstones and Cut

Ruby, sapphire and emerald gems are different in density, making the ruby ​​with the same number of rubies look smaller than diamonds, and emerald gem will be more than the same amount of other rubies, sapphires and diamonds look much larger, while the PALACE quality Gemstone cutting that can show the gem the most uniform fineness, but also show its maximum weight and bright, very luxury.