PALACE that the art of jewellery is a man and precious stones between the silent and elegant communication.Designers will be the soul of art into the seemingly no life gems, accompanied by the atmosphere of the times and fashion trends, metamorphosis of the charm of precious stones. In the body, showing the most dazzling brilliance of a woman.Therefore, the jewellery design is regarded as the most noble and noble texture of art in this desire of the country, the beauty of art and charm of the pursuit of colour is born , So PALACE precious stones regardless of design or craft, can make you see their beautiful eye-catching. PALACE believe that every piece of jewellery has its unique personality and soul, from the birth of a jewellery design, gem cutting and screening, Jewellery inlay and polishing, every step in the life of the jewellery to give life in the PALACE designer, gemmaker, mosaic division and jewellery division nearly 100 hours of close collaboration, a piece of exquisite jewellery blooming dazzling Light. The clever three-dimensional design, precise and delicate micro-inlay technology, unique and innovative half-package mosaic method and meticulous matte polishing, all declared PALACE exquisite jewellery production process, for each piece of jewellery to give the perfect Details and style.

Micro-inlay technology

Delicate and smooth diamond micro-set should be the ultimate pursuit of each piece of jewelry, only it can be the most delicate and accurate presentation of jewelry design and mosaic skills of the extreme, it can be said that the most modern technology and technology mosaic method. The division will be placed in each piece of jewelry works under the microscope, in the streamlined precious metals, fine and evenly mosaic of hundreds of diamonds, between the engraved art beauty.

Claw-mounted technology

Claw-mounted technology is a kind of mosaic technology that uses four independent pawls to keep the gemstones in gold or platinum structure, and the PALACE's beautiful claw-mounted technology allows the claws to bend gracefully around the gemstones to ensure A gem can be as much as possible to show themselves, showing the most bright and bright side.

Semi-package technology

PALACE will be mosaic craftsmanship and design creation clever fusion, opened up a fine and elegant half-package mosaic technology. Independent claw vaguely visible, with beautiful lines to create the package inlaid metal, both to avoid the package technology to make the gem vision narrowing , But also highlights the advantages of pawl technology is gemstone luster. Long and short, so that the splendor of the splendor and the perfect combination of design sense, filling the personality and elegance.