As a pursuit of the perfect jewellery brand, PALACE carefully selected the top material to highlight the jewellery of the owners of the unique charm and personality taste, pearl jewellery is no exception. Beautiful is a special gift of pearls to God. The pearl symbolises love, success and happiness, and it is also the 12th anniversary of the wedding and the 30th anniversary of the wedding, and the pearl symbolises love, success and happiness. The ancient Egyptian aristocrats on the prevalence of pearl decoration, the Queen of Egypt to have pearls for the great glory, and in the fifteenth century, many European countries even for pearl legislation, provides that people must In accordance with the social status and identity level to wear pearls, especially in the British era of Elizabeth, pearls become royal special products. So pearl has become a noble men and women highlight the wealth and status of the logo.Therefore, pearl and PALACE brand design concept is not In the classical and modern intertwined PALACE aesthetic design, with its noble identity, elegant manners, pure character, created an incredible jewellery miracle. PALACE selected every gift from the sea, In the long years quietly to meet every one of the beauty of the heart.



The King of Pearls

Tahitian pearls and Japan's AKOYA pearls are known for their strong media campaigns, but many people outside the jewellery sector do not know that the top pearls originate from Australia. For centuries, Australia's Nanyang beads have been unparalleled in colour and Size, always sitting on the throne of the "king of pearls." Australia's South Sea bead grows in a huge and extremely difficult-to-brew pearl shellfish, and its production is very little and very expensive. PALACE with professional vision and no On the warm, selected shape consistent, charming colour of the top Nanyang pearl, effort to create a unique pearl jewellery.

Australian South Sea Bead Farming

Australia's west coast has the highest quality water, where the sparsely populated, water quality is pure, the water temperature is appropriate, the sea is vast, the typhoon is rare, it is beneficial to the precious white butterfly life.It can produce the highest quality pearl.As the growth period of each pearl in 2 To the 8 years, so the pearl pearl layer is particularly thick, so that the pearls look more smooth and mellow, distributed moving glory. Unique natural environment makes Australia South Ocean Pearl has a rich natural colour, attractive luster, huge volume, Unique and rounded shape, the achievements of the veritable "pearl king".

Australia South Pearl Is Different

Usually the diameter of pearls in China and Japan is less than 8 mm, and the beads are thin, but Australia's South Sea bead diameter of 8 mm to 20 mm, the thickness of the beads is 10 times the Chinese and Japanese beads, the world no other sea Such as the size of such a large pearl. Australia South Sea beads compared to the general Tahitian pear farming period to as many as several years, the requirements of the aquaculture waters are also much more demanding.Therefore in the achievements of the Australian South Pearl unparalleled top Quality at the same time, and inevitably caused its low yield of regret. To rare, to have a beautiful PALACE Australia Southern Pearl jewellery, can be said that every elegant lady's pursuit.