Nature is the birth of all the beautiful start, is the sacred existence and also the eternal theme of PALACE. For centuries, PALACE with a royal heart, in her deep and mysterious rich treasure to explore life, culture, charm, art, desire, intellectuality, eternity and love. PALACE uses its own unique aesthetic and innovative interpretation of the charm of jewellery art. PALACE in the epoch-making fairy tale to create a "series of gods" Graceful exquisite mood engraved with "fine women's heart series", in the mysterious midnight elves left and left when the "Midsummer Night's Dream Series", and "Legend Series" that gorgeous bell seems still echoing the medieval Royal wreath. Art is silent words, beautiful is silent contest, and a never-ending PALACE jewellery art exploration tour continues again.

PALACE chief designer

The chief designer of the PALACE, Sherry She, is a famous Australian Chinese jewellery designer and one of the founders of the PALACE brand, whose design and design style is influenced by the early years of experience, combining the classical oriental heritage with the Western Renaissance. The use of a large number of high carat gemstones, pearls, jade and other precious jewellery, creating an unparalleled gorgeous style, but also laid the PALACE brand jewellery early artistic style and Design tone.

Art design features

PALACE is full of three-dimensional and streamlined jewellery design concept, just as the architect Gundy's view of the same: straight line belongs to the human, and the curve belongs to God. PALACE with the nature of the artistic characteristics of the combination of rich inspiration from the building, History, mythology, and even intangible emotions, music, can become the essence of PALACE art creation.With the inspiration of the whimsy as a vivid soul, and then crafted the superb craftsmanship to carve out the perfect form, so as to achieve a Pieces of the perfect PALACE fine jewellery works.

PALACE gem and pearl

PALACE emphasizes quality rather than quantity. From professional knowledge to unique aesthetic taste, strict requirements and quality of every PALACE jewelry. Each PALACE gem has its own unique charm and attributes, and let you no longer limited to the price is not Philippine natural gemstones, while the PALACE pearl jewelry, only use the top natural Australian South Sea beads. In order to achieve every customer for the perfect jewelry design, price, quality of the pursuit of unity.